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The Baltic Sea, the Archipelago of Turku and the Gulf of Finland

Our surroundings are doing worse and worse. M/S Aranda has made research trips on these waters already for 40 years, and every year it has been found out that these waters are doing worse than the previous year.

Now it is really high time to take these issues seriously, and to do something concrete before it is too late. It is easy to think that, what I choose to do or not to do, is nevertheless so insignificant that it does not have any effect on anything.

However, we are more than 5 million people in Finland, and if everyone of us does something positive, results will follow for sure. About 90 million people live around the Baltic Sea, and when all these people do something positive, even more results will follow.



Together we can make it better!!

I think the best way to save our nature and waters, is that we start to live an ecological life in co-operation with nature. The responsibility is ours, the people's, and the change begins from the individual, from all of us!

We need to learn to respect nature and also value it, in other terms but money!

We need to learn to take care of this precious nature heritage, so that our children, and also their children can enjoy the gifts of Mother Earth!

We also need to learn to respect one another! 




Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese water researcher and Doctor of alternative medicine. He has written many extremely interesting books on his studies with water, which have been translated to 45 languages. At least 2 of the books have been published in English, "The Hidden Messages in Water", and "The Secret Life of Water". Dr. Emoto has photographed water crystals during 20 years of study, and through that work discovered a truly interesting world, in which water crystals reveal the nature of water in an amazing, but simple way.

He also speaks of such things that you would not normally come to think of, such as that a human being is 95% of water when she is born, and 70% water as adult. Animals and plants also contain similar amounts of water.

Link: www.masaru-emoto.net 

In real trouble even the most tough guys pray, I heard...
Let us remember the Baltic Sea in our evening prayers!


Little Water Prayer

Thank You for the sea that spreads out as far as the eye can reach
Thank You for the water that gives birth to new life 
We ask You to bless and purify waters and seas on Earth
We ask You that the Baltic Sea will be purified
We ask You to teach us to respect water, nature and all life on Earth
We ask You to teach us love, gratitude and forgiveness. 

Thank You!